H16 Microfinancing & Women's Empowerment

iconThis course explores the concepts of development, gender and microfinance. Globalization, neo-liberal economic policies and neo-colonialism are all examined in terms of their effects on women and especially the increase in the numbers of women living in poverty. Among the multitudes of interventions focusing on poverty alleviation, microfinance has gained traction worldwide largely through the efforts of Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank. Yet, recognising gender issues in microfinance, as in any project intervention, means more than creating a programme that targets women. Examining microfinance through a gender lens means examining the position of women in relation to the position of men as actors in the family, in society and in the political realm where women's roles are often defined by laws and custom.

This course was designed by Dr. Anurekha Chari and outfitted for interactive learning by Dr. Aaron Rose-Milavec.