Joseph Martos
Personal examples of ideas in this chapter
by Dr. Joe Martos - Monday, 23 November 2009, 5:09 PM

Reflections by Arokia Vincent (with her permission):

The first stage of ritual in human development, which is a sense of the sacred in the interaction between a mother and infant, to me mirrors the development of a relationship with God. I now understand why I have always seen God as a parent, especially after becoming a mother myself, and always thinking about how God has “dealt” with me while I am trying to “deal” with my children.

When my sister left the Catholic Church, we all felt that she didn’t want to be part of our family anymore, she wasn’t with us, there was no solidarity. In other words, we no longer felt the unifying effect that going to church together used have. Suddenly she was different, she was “other,” she had alienated herself from us. The Catholic sacramental rituals did not speak to her in any significant way, so she decided to adopt other rituals to fulfill her need in her search for God. But to the rest of the family, it felt like a betrayal, and my parents were shattered (which shows how much being Catholic meant to them). And to comfort them and compensate for my sister’s departure in a way, my commitment to the sacraments intensified, as did my search for answers.