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The Right to Know (Norman Rockwell)

Are you able to question your beliefs? Are you ready to have your assumptions and presupositions challenged? Are you interested in learning what very few people understand?

The interactive questions for this book will prompt you to think about what you are reading, to relate the ideas to your own personal experiences or previously acquired knowledge, and to make judgments about the credibility and truth of these ideas. Working through the questions one by one is the best way to understand sacraments and other rituals from the inside out.

It will take time to complete this journey, but it will be rewarding. Click here for an example of  Interactive Study.

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There are two basic ways to respond to the interactive questions:

To answer the questions in your head, on paper, or using your own word processor, click on the following links to view the questions for each of the chapters in the book.

Questions for Chapter 1
Questions for Chapter 2
Questions for Chapter 3
Questions for Chapter 4
Questions for Chapter 5
Questions for Chapter 6
Questions for Chapter 7

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