Follow these steps to save the questions in your computer and print them.
  1. Click on the Interactive Questions tab above, then click on Questions for Chapter 1 (or for another chapter).

  2. Press Ctrl+A (the Control key and the letter A at the same time). This will highlight the entire window.

  3. Press Ctrl+C. This will copy the entire window into memory.

  4. Now open a blank page in your word processor, and paste (Ctrl+V) everything here into your blank journal or page.

  5. Using your mouse, highlight and delete everything that is not needed for answering the questions (for example, the text above the photo and the text beneath the last question).

  6. To make a hard copy of the questions, press Ctrl+P to print them out.

Here is how to relate the questions to the material in the book.

  1. You will find a small box like this * in the margin of the book wherever there is an interactive question related to the material nearby.

  2. To find the correct question, look on the website for the question with that page number. If there is more than one question on a page of the book, the question number is followed by a letter. For example, the second question on page 44 is labeled 44b.

  3. After you read the question, write out your response.

  4. To evaluate what you wrote, or if you are not sure how to answer, you may use the following symbols. 


= "I am very confident about my response."


= "I am fairly comfortable with my response."


"I have answered the question but I am unsure of my response."


= "I am not sure what is being asked for in this question."

If you get baffled by a particular question, struggle with it for a while and then continue reading the text. More often than not, the text itself will provide clues for a response and you can return to the question later. If you have finished reading a chapter and you are still baffled by one or more questions, please talk with your course instructor or write to me at

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