To create a username and password

  1. Go to the Catherine of Siena Virtual College login page:

    Suggestion: Right-click to open the page in a new tab. Then left-click on the tab above to see the page.

  2. Write a username and password in the fields provided on the left. If you want, you may also read the directions in the column on the right.

    NOTE: If you are using the book in a course, the instructor may request or require the sharing of usernames and passwords in order to facilitate student interaction, to oversee your progress through the questions, or to give you credit for the work you have done.

    Pick a special password for this website. This way, no one be able to use your password to access your other online accounts.

    NOTE: If you are allowed to view the journals of others in an academic course or study group, it would be technically possible to change their password and deny them access to their own journal. Doing this, however, would be unethical.

  3. Click on the Login button. (Do NOT click "Login as a guest.")

  4. Create your profile by writing in the spaces provided, especially those marked with an asterisk *.

  5. The two fields on the bottom are required, but since you are not a Catherine College student, you may write anything you want in them.

  6. Decide whether you want to receive notifications of Catherine College courses by choosing "yes" or "no" at the bottom.

  7. Click on the Update Profile button. This will show you your personal profile, which you may edit any time in the future.

    Suggestion: Write down your username and password and keep them handy until you have memorized them.

  8. Return to Interactive Questions for the Book.

Last modified: Saturday, 16 May 2015, 12:41 AM