Confirmation in various forms is practiced in Orthodox and Protestant churches as well as in Catholicism. In Orthodox churches it is called chrismation, and it is always connected to baptism, regardless of the age of the one being baptized. The Lutheran, Episcopal or Anglican, and Methodist churches practice infant baptism, and they offer confirmation to young people as a ceremony for affirming their Christian faith and their commitment to Christ.

Catholic opinion today is divided over two different ways of understanding confirmation. The older one is that confirmation is a ritual for adolescents to affirm the faith into which they were baptized, which is similar to the common Protestant understanding. A newer theology of confirmation is similar to the Orthodox understanding, viewing it as an initiation rite that should be performed in conjunction with baptism or, at the very latest, before children receive holy communion for the first time.

Children, teenagers and adults who are received into the church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) are baptized and confirmed during the Easter Vigil or, if they have already been baptized in a Protestant church, during the Vigil they are confirmed as Catholics.

Unless otherwise noted, the following videos show confirmations in Catholic parishes. Each listing contains a descriptive heading, two lines of information, and a link to the video.

Confirmation Window

Catholic Confirmation (2 min.)

Adolescent confirmation in an Irish parish, October 2007

Ceremony and commentary by priest and teenagers


My Confirmation (4 min.)
Confirmation of Michael Chan in February 2007
At St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, probably in England

Blessed Sacrament Confirmation II 2007 (5 min.)
Confirmation of older adolescents in May 2007
Blessed Sacrament Parish serves many Vietnamese Catholics

Confirmation 2007 (9 min.)
International confirmation May 27, 2007
European Catholic Centre in Brussels, Belgium

Confirmations (10 min.)
Traditional rite of confirmation in Latin, posted April 2008
Ceremony in France under the auspices of the Society of St. Pius X

Kidane Meheret Ge'ez Rite Catholic Parish Confirmation Mass
Ethiopic rite confirmation for children in June 2007
At a church serving the Ethiopian and Eritrean community in Washington, DC (Opening Procession – 5 min.) (Initial Prayers – 5 min.) (Confirmation and Communion – 4 min.)

Confirmation 2008 at Faith Presbyterian Church (8 min.)
Confirmation of two young adults, posted October 2008
Faith Presbyterian Church in Rincon, Georgia

Confirmation @ St. John's, Detroit (5 min.)
Confirmation of adults in November 2008
St. John’s Episcopal Church in
Detroit, Michigan

WBUMC Confirmation (10 min.)
Adolescent confirmation on June 1, 2008
West Branch United Methodist Church in West Branch, Iowa


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Confirmations, Confirmation Catholic, Confirmation Lutheran, Confirmation Presbyterian, Sacrament of Confirmation 

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