Catholics usually participtate in a eucharistic liturgy on Sunday or on Saturday evening (the vigil of Sunday) presided over by a single priest who may be assisted by a deacon and various lay ministers. On special occasions, additional priests and deacons may be present, along with more ministers, but the general shape and structure of the rite remains the same.

Before the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council, the mass was said in Latin by a priest facing the altar with his back to the assembly. Conservative Catholics sometimes attend such traditional masses, which are offered rather rarely.

Orthodox liturgies are generally more elaborate, more lengthy, and more filled with chant. The types of vestments and the style of worship reflect those of the Christian Roman Empire during the seventh century, with some variation among the different church traditions. The liturgical forms of eastern rite Catholic churches are similar to those of the Orthodox churches.

Some Anglican/Episcopalian, Methodist and Lutheran liturgies are very Catholic in style, having been updated during the ecumenical reforms of the 1960s and 1970s. Most forms of Protestant worship, however, are non-eucharistic and are built around scripture readings and a sermon.

When Protestants do hold communion services, they are generally added on to the regular order of worship, often once a month or once a quarter. Whether a separate ritual or an addition, such a service is sometimes called the Lord's supper.

Eucharist Window

Catholic Mass or Eucharistic Liturgy

Complete Catholic Mass (48 min.)
Contemporary Roman Catholic Eucharistic Liturgy
Videotaped as a mass for shut-ins June 29, 2008

A complete Catholic Mass, St Columba Cathedral (52 min.)
Youngstown, Ohio (date unknown)
Celebration of the World Day of Consecrated Life

Maronite Catholic Mass (48 min.)
Divine Liturgy performed according to the Maronite rite
Videotaped as a mass for shut-ins August 19, 2007

Traditional Latin Catholic Mass: Easter Sunday (54 min.)
Filmed at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Chicago, 1941
With narration and commentary by Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen

Tridentine Missa Cantata (Sung Latin Mass) (73 min.)
Mass for the Last Sunday after Pentecost in 2007Parish of St. Nicholas of Chardonnet in Paris, France

Another Traditional Latin Mass
(64 min.)
Posted by Monsignor Charles T. Moss on May 21, 2007
Parish of St. Roch in West Bangor, Pennsylvania

Anno Domini Teen Mass (5 min.)
Consecraton and Communion part of the liturgy
Videotaped in St. Jude's parish in Peoria, Illinois, September 16, 2007

Eucharistic Procession at UNL (10 min.)
A traditional Catholic devotional practice, showing Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament about 6 and 8 minutes into the video.
The procession begins and ends at the Catholic chapel on the Lincoln campus of the University of Nebraska on November 1, 2006.

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Orthodox Divine Liturgy

Holy Anaphora in the Antiochian Orthodox Liturgy (7 min.)
From the Creed to just before the distribution of Communion
Taped in January 2009 at St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles, California

Holy Spirit Monday (Greek Orthodox)
Selections from the Divine Liturgy
Videotaped in 2003 at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria, New York
Part 1 – (10 min.)
Part 2 - (9 min.)
Part 3 – (10 min.)

Orthodox Divine Liturgy (Arabic & Greek )
Antiochian or Antiochene (Lebanese) Rite
Church and location unknown
Part 1 - (8 min.)
Part 2 - (8 min.)
Part 3 – (7 min.)

St . Mary's Malankara Orthodox Syrian Cathedral Easter 2006
Syrian Orthodox Liturgy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Part 1 - (22 min.)
Part 2 - (22 min.)
Part 3 - (22 min.)
Part 4 - (22 min.)

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Lord’s Supper or Communion Service (Various Protestant Churches)

St. John's Episcopal Church-3/18/07 Service-Clip#6 (13 min.)
Communion portion of the liturgy

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"Communion Service" December 2002 (9 min.)
Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Fort Payne Alabama

Communion (10 min.)
An Evangelical service focusing on the leaders’ explanation and receiving of communion
March 14, 2008 (location unknown)

20090406-communion (9 min.)
Part of the 2009 Palm Sunday service at Weaverville United Methodist Church, Weaverville, North Carolina "Passover/Lord's Supper Service" (9 min.)

Worldwide Church of God in Fairfield, California

Pastor’s explanation and communion service on March 31, 2007

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