In the Catholic Church, there is a single rite for this sacrament, but it is able to be adapted for a variety of situations.

An individual may be anointed at home, in a hospital, or in an emergency situation, using the basic form of the rite.

A communal anointing can be performed in a parish church or in a health care setting for people who are elderly or chronically ill. This may be a short service with prayers and scripture readings, but it may also be set in the context of a eucharistic liturgy, popularly called a healing mass.

Churches in the Orthodox tradition offer the sacrament of holy unction for spiritual and physical healing, and churches in the Anglican tradition make sacramental anointing available to both the sick and the dying.

When a group of rites (confession, communion and anointing) are performed for someone who is close to death, they are often referred to as the last rites.

Unless otherwise noted, the following videos show Catholic rituals. Each listing contains a descriptive heading, two lines of information, and a link to the video.

Anointing Window

The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick (5 min.)
The sacrament in a nursing home setting. The priest offers absolution from sins, sacramental anointing and communion to residents and visitors.

Dad Receiving Sacrament of the Sick (3 min.)
The sacrament in a hospital setting, posted on July 15, 2009
After the patient has gone to confession in private, friends and family gather around for the anointing rite.

Anointing of the Sick (8 min.)
Student demonstration of the sacrament in a home setting made for a class at the University of St. La Salle in the Philippines

Tatay's anointing of the sick (3 min.)
Anointing of a man with Alzheimer’s disease by a Catholic priest in the Philippines on August 27, 2008

Orthodox Christian Healing Service (10 min.)
Preparatory prayers and chants by priests and deacons, followed by anointing with holy unction in the traditional manner (in English)

Sacrament 7 - Anointing of the Sick (10 min.)
Malankara Orthodox Church ceremony in India, posted March 26, 2009
After an explanation in the Malayalam language, the rite can be seen about 3 minutes into the video.

Catholic Healing Service in Scotland
Preaching and ministering by Damian Stayne of Cor et Lumen Christi (Heart and Light of Christ) Community in the United Kingdom (Part 1 - 10 min.) (Part 2 - 9 min.)  (Part 3 - 8 min.)

Catholic Healing Service in Italy
An evangelical type of service led by Damian Stayne, with prayers for healing and testimonies of having received healing (in English and Italian) (Part 1 - 7 min.) (Part 2 - 7 min.)

Oral Roberts' Healing Ministry (2 min.)
A short clip from a 1955 service featuring the famous evanglelical Christian faith healer and founder of Oral Roberts University

A Testimony to Christian Science (8 min.)
A young church member, Peter Jackson, speaks about his faith and experiences of healing, following the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy

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