No, that's not me in the picture 

Sometimes it seems like a mountain of work,
but I always enjoy reading what my students are learning.

Here are samples of final essays written by students in my courses.
Some were written before this book was written, but they all reflect 
an experiential approach to religious rituals and spiritual realities.


Undergraduate Essays on the Sacraments

"How My Understanding Has Changed" by Beth Kroft

"How My Understanding Has Changed" by Brande Springer


Graduate Essays on the Eucharist

"Today's Roman Catholic Mass" by Mary Frances Casey

"They Recognized Him in the Breaking of the Bread" by Karen Maxwell

"Teaching True Presence" by Susan M. Pagliccia

"Art Image and Eucharist" by Janice Anne Jeys


Graduate Essays on Worship

"Our Living Memory: Reflections on the Mass" by Lynne Worthington

"A Relationship with Jesus, the Christ: Searching for What Was Already There" by Tammy Clark

"The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist" by Robert Crecelius

"Inculturation of the Eucharistic Liturgy in India" by Arokia Anita Vincent 


Undergraduate Field Trip Records

Easter Mass at Our Lady of the Woods Chapel by Hana Benjamin

Sunday Worship at St. Margaret Mary Parish by Joanna Sells


 Graduate Essays on the Sacraments

"Reflection Paper" by Michelle L.M. Koshka

"How My Understanding of the Sacraments Has Changed" by Mauri M. Maynard

"A Shift in My Understanding of Sacraments" by Carryl Bennet-Brown

"How My Understanding of Sacraments Has Grown" by Gabriel Viveiros


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