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Re: Part Two of the Course, First Assignment, Question 2
by Tim Talbott - Monday, 16 July 2012, 2:09 PM

My parents had a formal living room in their house, and prominently displayed over the piano was a picture of the Sacred Heart. My father always had a devotion to the Sacred Heart so this may have been the reason I tended to pray before this image in our home. This was also the room where my parents would have a traveling statue of Mary placed, where visitors would congregate to recite the Rosary. The room had French doors which did a very good job to make the room more private. Being the youngest of eight children, although only four were still at home during my middle school years, this room also proved to be the quietest in the house. This place seemed to be a sacred space for me. Other than in Church or the Adoration Chapel, this was probably the next most sacred place I knew of.

On one particular instance, someone I knew called me to ask me if I would pray for someone who they were close to. They told me that they were very distraught over that person and in God’s silence they were uncertain of God’s love for them. Shortly after getting off of the phone, I really felt compelled to go pray in front of the image of the Sacred Heart. I was actually kneeling in front of it, asking Jesus to touch the other person and let them know that they were loved. While doing so, I seemed to lose track of time and became transfixed on the image. I say that this would be an example of sacred time, because there truly was no sense of time. I can’t really describe the feeling or what exactly occurred, but I felt an extreme sense of peace and trust and the image seemed to almost illuminate. After this went on for a little while, my phone rang and interrupted me. It was the person who had asked me to pray for them, and they asked me if I was just praying for them. They said they had just felt with absolute certainty that I was praying for them and Jesus was comforting them. I had not said anything to anyone about it and the affirmation I received from it was so surreal. This whole instance is an example had a sacred meaning to me.

GRADE 2 (Excellent description of sacred time. Additional descriptions of sacred space and sacred meaning needed. Shorter than required length.)

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