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Re: Part Two of the Course, Fourth Assignment, Question 2
by arnetta sims - Monday, 6 August 2012, 7:05 PM

Modern Catholic practices and devotions are exercises to help experience sacraments. An illustration is going before the Blessed Sacrament for adoration. When I am in this sacred space, I am aware of the presence of Christ in the Monstrance and yearn to receive Him. As I comtemplate on this mystery I feel this space and time as sacred. Devotions are practices which conditions the spirit man to enter into the doors of the sacred. The function of adoration brings us very close to a sacrament, but yet we do not feel the total effect of reception of the sacrament.

A sacramental experience expressed in a communal setting ; we would pray the Divine Praises for protection of hurricanes at the conclusion of mass. The community felt that the prayers keep hurricanes from the Gulf.

I say the prayer to St. Michael daily while wearing a sculptar for protection. These practices where handed down and they become personal efffects of reverence. Eventhough their effects are similar to a sacramental experience,they are not considered to be a sacrament.

I believe that the devotions and practices are necessary aids to assist us. In a broader sense everyone and everything can be a sacrament that ushers us into the presence of the Lord. The prayers that we pray are also sacramental actions.Sacramental actions can take place within the celebration of the Eucharist. Just as the priest prays over the gifts at the epiclesis, he too perfoms a sacramental action. The necesssary elements can be symbolic matter, graced and realized mystery.

GRADE 3 (Insightful, but some shortcomings.)

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